Xiware Technologies Ltd is the largest diving lights manufacturer in China. Our own brand ARCHON 
takes more than 80% share of China diving lights market, and we're entering more and more overseas 
market step by step, our goal is to become the No.1 player in this market section in the whole world.
Many suppliers can make the LED flashlight, but not all of them can make the diving lights professional. 
As the typical "long-tail-market", the diving lights require a lot of more testing which the non-professional player can't afford, such as the water pressure chamber test, real deep water test at the 
diving site. Xiware Technologies Ltd invested heavily on all kinds of testing equipment, and the 
application of the latest LED light technologies, we also have a wide connection with many professional 
divers who can provide us the first-hand on-site feedback of our diving lights.
Currently we have a full product line of diving lights, including main lights, backup lights, 
photographing light, video light, canister light, headlamp etc., all are designed to keep divers company 
as deep as 100 meters underwater.
Whatever it's for recreational diving or serious rescue missions, the ARCHON diving lights are the best 
illumination gears to dive with.

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